Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Cake Smash Photography

First bite of cake

Cake smash photography presented through the creative eyes of professional award-winning photographer, Gosia Dixon.

Gosia is the owner of Sugar Plum Photography. Sugar Plum Photography has been proudly servicing Toronto and the GTA for 9 years, lending her creative vision and expert posing to over 1,000 families. Specializing in cake smash photography, each baby’s unique personality shines through their session. Love, patience, and a unique blend of textures and soft colour palettes help paint your baby in the most beautiful light.

Cake Smash Photography

Cake smash photography is a fun and interactive session. The session is fast-paced to keep your baby guessing and engaged. The use of props, accessories, and set decor help create a custom look. No two sessions are the same!

It’s the classic tale of a baby and her cake. She approaches, unsure why her mother isn’t heading any warnings to be careful. Mom holds her breath in anxious anticipation whether her baby will ‘perform’ her right of passage into toddlerhood. Bella is more concerned about rearranging the flowers and moving the milestone tag than eating cake. She has no idea of the deliciousness in front of her and how far she would be allowed to indulge. You can literally see the wheels spinning in her head. All the flowers have been moved. The milestone tag perfectly in place. What is this white stuff? is it edible?

Success! She poked it with her finger. We can all go home. Didn’t care for the taste, or the sugar rush – no, this kid is way over it. She is mature beyond her years and does not have a sweet tooth.

Not every tale is this tidy. Some will use the icing as finger paint. I can understand this. Some use the icing as body moisturizer and lather themselves. This too, I can understand. Buttercream has moisturizing properties and I hear it’s great for fine lines and wrinkles. Just kidding!

For most, a simple wipe down will suffice. Others require a full head-to-toe bath. Bella here, walked away completely unscathed. Year two is around the corner, and we may have a redemption round. Therefore, to be continued!

Birthday Photography

Birthday photography celebrates the milestone, but without the mess. Here we focus on your baby’s mobility and showcase exactly what they can do. From a development standpoint, most babies are in ‘couch surfing’ mode by this time. This allows for standing photos against a sturdy prop, like a crate or children’s chair. Sitting, although for short periods of time, is a great alternative. A variety of props can be employed to create different looks in the studio and used in age-appropriate ways that flatter current abilities.

All birthday photo sessions come with a complimentary consultation with Gosia. It is in the consultation that you will discuss your creative vision, any ideas, props, or special requests that you may have.

In conclusion, birthday photography or cake smash photography is a great way to celebrate this fabulous first.

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