Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Summer Solstice: Mommy and Me

A mother with her sons posing on a trail fence

It is an amazing time to be outdoors. Summer is finally here and Sugar Plum is in full swing with summer solstice outdoor sessions. All the flowers and shrubs are thick with full bloom, the sun is golden and the breeze is warm. You don’t need much else, except a pair of sunnies and a blanket to lay on. Ashley and her adorable boys came to me for an outdoor session to celebrate her birthday as a gift from her husband.

Family photo of mom standing with her kids hugging her legs
Summer outdoor picture on wooden overgrown trail
Mother with kids sitting on rustic wooden fence
summer outdoor family picture on trail in Toronto
Summer solstice outdoor family session

Mommy & Me Photography: She’s a Star

Often times the Mom is the super star, let’s be honest. She puts herself second behind her children and sacrifices everything to give them the best. Her patience is an ever-flowing fountain, much like her love. In these special sessions we go out of our way to make Mom feel special. For starters, lots of hugging. Secondly, lots of snuggling. Summer solstice sessions take advantage of the warm weather and golden evening sun to bring you the most flattering portrait photography.

Family portrait in a flower field in Etobicoke
Silhouette of mother and children on beach in Toronto

Summer Solstice: Outdoor Tips and Tricks

The timing of your session matters. Late evening when the sun is about to go down is when you want to be shooting. If you get lucky, you’ll find yourself under a pink and purple cotton candy sky! Have your clients dress in lighter clothing for when dusk sets in, pictured below. Low light situations can be tricky fast.

Mother and older son on the beach
Mother and younger son on the beach

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