Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Studio Lighting For A Newborn Session

Studio lighting for newborn shoot

Ahh, the age-old debate between natural sun light or studio lighting for newborn sessions. There are pros and cons to each that we will explore in this article and use a recent newborn session as an example. You know you’ve done a good job with your lighting when you can’t tell which images are using natural light and which use studio lights. Can you tell? This session uses both.

Baby bundled and sleeping on flokati studio session
Frontal side pose on blanket baby girl
Studio newborn session cupcake pose in basket

How to Set Up Using Studio Lighting

For starters, you will need a large octagon-shaped strobe light. Possibly the biggest one you can manage in your space. Depending on the brand, these range anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. Second, you will need to make a stop at a fabric store. Rip-stop nylon, or any nylon for that matter will help to soften the light. This fabric is placed between the strobe and your subject. Use as many layers as needed to achieve the look you’d like. In the pictures above, the top image uses studio lighting. There are two layers of rip-stop nylon filtering the light. This makes it equally as soft as the bottom two images that use natural light.

Pro tip: make sure you place your studio lights on the same side of the face as the window to create a seamless look to your images in the gallery. You want the lighting to cast across the face, from the top corner of the forehead and across the opposite cheek. The farther away you place the light, the more distance the light has to diffuse.

Family portrait with newborn baby girl
Supine flokati newborn swaddle pose in studio
Newborn baby girl in cupcake bucket pose
Studio lighting bum up pose on blanket
Smiling newborn baby on flokati
Close up side pose on blanket
Newborn baby girl in face feature pose

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