Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

socially distanced outdoor family photography

Covid safe portrait session

Socially distanced family outdoor photography with the Millers. Words cannot describe my gratitude to this family and all the years we’ve spent together creating and documenting memories. I have photographed these kids when they were babies, missed a few milestones when life took me across the country to live in Calgary – which only made the reunion that much more special when the littlest was born.

Your children have my heart, very much like my own. I adore them and my excitement through the roof when I know I will see them again.

Socially Distanced Outdoor Family Photography

Being socially distanced, when your heart wants to hug, is hard. I appreciate all my families and appreciate being able to continue to work even if it means keeping my distance. Having an outdoor family session is a great way to keep those memories documented in a safe and appropriate way.


High Park in Toronto was the location of choice. We have worked in this park in the past, and some of our previous session images were recreated to be compared side by side and to see how much everyone has changed.

The park was warm and the leaves bright. Lots of little spots and trails to keep our distance from others and have a gorgeous outdoor family session. There are an abundance of trails, walk ways, and attractions that make this park so magical to work in. When factoring in the weather, the possibilities and combinations this park provides is unreal.

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