Toronto Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Toronto Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Sibling Photography With Baby Nicole: A Newborn Session

Newborn face feature from side pose

Welcome to the world Baby Nicole! I love nothing more than an adorable and squishy newborn in the studio. The way they sleep so quietly (during the day), the little noises they make when they’re dreaming, and how they twitch and pout their lips. You can get lost in a day just watching them. They grow so quickly, before you know it they are alert and looking back at you. Next, they are sitting up, then crawling, and lastly – running! You have a toddler in your hands and a moment ago you could have sworn they were just a sack of giggling potatoes. Newborn photography, especially sibling photography is so precious to capture at this stage. Before all the craziness truly sets in, let’s take a moment to capture the “newness” of it all.

Sibling photography sister side by side with newborn baby
Sibling photography sister kissing baby

Sibling Photography: A Craft Of It’s Own

Sometimes wrestling a toddler isn’t ideal. In the case of really young children, generally 2-3 years old, the approach is much different. Praising the youngster on his/her muscles to hold baby sister or brother works really well. I would take it one step further and say how amazing they are at holding them, and that I can tell that they are such a good older sibling. If they start protesting, I say how the baby really needs a snuggle because they’re sad or miss them. All else fails, bring on the bribes. Candy, ice cream, pizza – consult with Mom before doing this. In the studio, I usually have some sort of small candy or treat that would be suitable for young children. They are seasonal, so chocolate eggs for spring, lollipops for summer, mini candy canes in the winter. Just so long as there is some sugar to help junior muscle through the session. Older children simply like to please. They generally take direction well and don’t have a problem keeping their hands where you place them and looking at your to smile.

Newborn resting on folded arms
Newborn baby in side pose on blanket
Aerial view of newborn baby in bum-up position on blanket
Newborn face feature from side pose
Swaddled newborn on blanket
Newborn baby feet close up

Newborn Session: Baby Nicole

No newborn session is complete without a solo portion of just the baby. During her sibling photography portion, baby Nicole was sleeping like an angel. I was lucky enough that her sleeping continued into her solo bit, and actually for the duration of the time she was in the studio. That doesn’t happen very often, but when it does you feel like you won the lottery of newborn photography!

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