Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Sibling Love

Sibling love

Sibling love documented through the eyes of professional newborn, baby, and lifestyle photographer, Gosia Dixon. The owner and photographer behind Sugar Plum Photography, Gosia has been serving the community for almost 10 years. Her specialities are many, but focuses mainly on young families and babies. Gosia is a baby-whisperer. From posed to lifestyle, children to dogs, maternity to weddings – Gosia Dixon has dedicated her life to documenting your fleeting moments in the most beautiful way.

Sibling Love Photography

There is not a person in the world more important than a sibling. Perhaps a parent, but next in line is the sibling. This is your built-in best friend in life. The magic of these two kindred spirits can be captured on camera if you know what to look for. Quiet moments are curated to allow these spirits to interact naturally. Soft kisses, hugs, and often long stares deepen the bond between sisters.

Watching this unfold behind the camera is truly magical. I often catch myself holding my breath during these moments. You can literally see and feel the love between these two.

Gosia Dixon

Behind The Scenes

This session was shot at the Robin’s Nest studio, one block south of home-base. There are three studio options available, two are at a premium. The best wardrobe options are light, neutral and coordinating.

Posing is subject to what the baby allows. Shiloh was slightly wakeful during her session so some of the more advanced posing wasn’t possible. In conclusion, the session was successful.

During Shiloh’s solo portion, Shania played and kept busy with her parents. Second babies are slightly more immune to noise which allows the older sibling to play unrestricted while I work with the newborn. There is a neighbourhood playground and cafe’s to keep little ones busy.

Staying Connected

Sugar Plum Photography is on INSTA

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