Toronto Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Toronto Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Newborn Editing: Tips & Techniques

newborn baby boy in supine pose

Welcome to the world, baby Owen! This little chunky bundle of joy now makes the Harrison family complete. With two older siblings, two dogs, and a cat – there is no shortage of activity in the house. Mom and Dad are some of the kindest and calmest people I have met and make raising three kids look easy. In this post we are going to dive into common newborn skin issues and newborn editing.

Newborn family portrait

Newborn Editing: Skin Is A Tough Customer

There is nothing easy about a newborn. First, they have very specific needs that have to be met in order for them to be ready for a session. Timing has to be perfect. Secondly, their compliance is completely out of your control and you have to know how to manipulate any situation. Lastly, parents are hoping that you have the skills necessary to give them the same caliber of photos from your website with their baby. This is a tall order even from a posing perspective. But what about the skin?

Baby newborn editing
newborn baby boy in supine pose

Owen has some very common issues I see on repeat. Redness. Blotchiness. Birth marks. Scratches. First, a lot of these can be removed quickly and effectively with the ‘patch’ tool and ‘spot healing brush’ in PS. Sampling the skin around it and masking the “good skin” over the “bad skin” to create a seamless complexion. The next step is to remove any redness. I sample the skin from the hairline where I don’t see redness, and adjust the rest. Lastly, smooth out the skin and sharpen the eyes. A lot of the harsh tones and redness are adjusted in Camera Raw; white balance, colour balance, hue, saturation, warmth, and tone. It takes the image from drab and grey SOOC to warm, bright, and creamy. As a result, the total effect after all adjustments are made is dramatic.

baby burrito posed portrait
sleeping baby in thinking pose
newborn baby boy in crate
sibling photography on sheep skin
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