Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Natural Newborn Photography With Elle

Sleeping baby in mother's hands

Natural newborn photography is a baby-lead session where there is a lot less ‘required’ from the baby. Posing is very natural, letting the hands gently fall where they want. The body lays naturally rather than artificially posed. Fingers rest in a neutral position to give a relaxed look. These are the details I look for when allowing the baby to lead the session. The setting in particular is very plain. Accessories are non-existent, although they don’t have to be. It was a special request for this session that the baby be very natural. Conceptually I love the idea, it gives the images a very modern and clean look. It helps to prolong their shelf-life too when there aren’t any accessories or poses that could ‘age’ the photo. Perhaps one day tutus won’t be cute on a newborn… lol. Ok, but seriously…

natural newborn photography
natural newborn in mother's hands on blanket
natural newborn baby girl photography
hanging baby composite with hoop on branch

Natural newborn photography also lends itself to other applications. For instance, the above composite works because the baby was photographed using natural light. There is a lack of shadowing which compliments the even nature of the digital backdrop. The baby is simply an overlay. The result is a seamless image if blended properly.

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