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Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Modern Newborn Session

modern baby photos

Modern newborn session details on the blog today. What to expect from minimalistic photography and how it differs from a regular portrait session. Wardrobe options discussed in detail along with the best props to compliment your session.

What To Expect From Minimalistic Photography

It is interesting to see how wildly people’s tastes differ. The consultation process is critical in establishing your taste & style, ensuring we are on the same page. The message needs to be conveyed and all the different styles explored.

Minimalistic photography is simple, clean lines, and artistic. A clean, large white wall is an artist’s playground where the mind is set free. A single prop may be used, to add drama. For example, a large modern green plant or a single piece of furniture – like a chair. Not only does the prop add drama to the photo, it compliments the aesthetic. Following the same design principles, the prop would have clean lines and something interesting about them. The simpler, the better.

How It Differs From a Regular Portrait Session

The main differences between the two styles of photography are the posing and camera composition.

With a traditional portrait session, the photographer places each individual in the position they want. Hand placements are strategic and various facial expressions requested. For each photo, there is a task they must complete to achieve the photo. A good photographer will be able to coach their family through the set out poses and achieve a natural look. Eye contact with the camera is common and the camera composition squared up.

Modern newborn session photography, for example, has a different approach. Poses are still strategic, but more relaxed. There is very little coaching with eye contact seldom made. It is an ‘inside look’ at a moment in time. Camera composition is modern in off-centre positioning to create a dramatic new feel.

Wardrobe and Props: The Finishing Touches

In keeping with the minimalistic vibe, wardrobe is simple and so are the props. Wearing black is fine. Nothing cleaner, crisper, or modern than a black & white contrast portrait.

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