Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Mississauga Family Photographer

group family photo on park bridge over top of stream

Family Photography at Kariya Park

As a Mississauga family photographer, location is key. Kariya Park is located in south-central Mississauga near Square One shopping mall. This local park is a great destination for family photography. The park boasts a large covered deck over top of a Koi pond that often has ducks and geese in it. The park is very well wooded in the front, with a lovely path system through the floral landscaping, another adjacent pond, and various art and information stations. For being on the much smaller side for parks, it really does pack a photographic punch!

How To Best Prepare

Sessions are scheduled in the late afternoon to take advantage of the golden summer sun. In the summer months, this usually varies between 6 and 7pm depending on the number of people and ages of little ones. Wardrobes should be kept light, neutral and coordinating. Colours as monotone as possible and without any loud clashing patterns or verbiage. When working with larger groups, consistency across families and coordinating becomes more challenging but always turns out looking the best. A little bit of effort goes a long way!

Family Photography Groupings

As a Mississauga family photographer, it is important to understand how everyone is related. Once understood, the process is very simple. For example, group shots are based on hierarchy, family dynamic and height. Arrangements need to be appealing to the eye and symmetrical. Connections need to be conveyed through touch, expression and posing. Another consideration is establishing a connection to the family so that everyone is at ease and comfortable. Finding common ground quickly through asking questions, relating experiences and being silly with the children are some of my go-to’s. Once everyone gets the initial jitters out, the rest is vibing with the location and the family energy to create a stunning array of images to look back on.

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