Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Lifestyle photography in downtown Oakville


Lifestyle Photography, What is it?

Lifestyle photography is a style of natural photography that captures day-to-day activities from a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ perspective. There is very little actual posing, like you would see in a studio. There are no backdrops, no props per-se, no ‘cheese’ – just going about your day in an organized organic fashion.

Studio versus Lifestyle

Our lifestyle photography session started out in the studio. We captured a few fun family pics before heading out for a walk around downtown Oakville. The shops and restaurants in the area, therefore making it a great location for a shoot.

Urban Outdoor Photography

The best part is having organic photographic memories of a fun-filled activity done as a family. Everyone gets dressed up, the drive full of anticipation and wonder, the air buzzing with excitement meeting with me and heading out onto the street. Kids will jump up and down in one spot from the excitement, and seemingly and endless supply of stories and knowledge to share. Before they even know it, we are done the session.

The best parts about lifestyle photography are exploring trails, using funky walls, eating ice cream and all that jazz. It’s a wonderful session style for busy-body kids. Typically anything over one-year old is better suited for the outdoors and annual family photos are best scheduled during the warmer months to take advantage of scenic parks and urban settings. A special thank you to Chocolato Oakville for the wonderful hospitality and delicious treats. The selection of dips to dip your cone into, plus the toppings, and never mind the ice cream options – there are literally millions of options! I highly recommend a visit to their beautiful location and enjoying a treat.

A special thank you to Chocolato Oakville for the delicious treats

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