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Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Newborn Twin Photography: An inside Look

Twin newborn photography

What an incredible blessing having one baby, but how about two?! It never ceases to amaze me how incredible the human body is, and what we are truly capable of doing. For example, nurturing two independent babies inside one tiny belly. Seriously, how does that happen?! Have a look at our newborn twin photography session with this beautiful, and now *complete* family and what it takes to pull it off.

Twin newborn photography

Twin Newborn Photography: How It Works

Twin newborn photography sessions are scheduled up to what would have been their “birth date”. This is usually somewhere around 36 weeks for twin pregnancies. In comparison, a singleton pregnancy has a due date between 39-40 weeks. Twins are usually premature, meaning they are delivered before 36 weeks. A hospital stay is also common to make sure they finish developing and that they are able to eat independently. Once this milestone is reached, you get to bring your little bundles home. At this point we find a suitable time for you to come into the studio. These sessions usually take the better part of the day. As such, the studio will have snacks and refreshments to keep you energized. We work together in their posing and also their feedings, it’s all hands on deck!


The Posing: Timing, Patience, and Timing

It takes a long time to get through a twin newborn session. You have double of everything that can move out of place: two sets of hands, two sets of feet, two different personalities and sleeping schedules. But when the stars align and they are both fast asleep, that’s when I get to work. I will go quiet and focus in on those babies, gently nudging and arranging them into place. This includes their 20 fingers into the perfect pose, stacking feet, and bringing their little bodies together. Twin newborn session don’t usually yield a ton of photos, but the ones that turn out are precious like gold.

newborn twin photography

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