Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Intimate Look: In-Home Newborn Session

In-Home Newborn Session

Your home is your sanctuary, the place where you rest your head at night and raise your children. To be invited inside your personal space to document the new life is a task I do not take lightly. Sarah & Frank welcomed two beautiful twin daughters home with eldest daughter Scarlet. This is their story and some insights into lifestyle photography through my eyes.

Dad and his girls

In-Home Lifestyle Photography: What is it?

Simply put, in-home lifestyle photography is a style of photography whereby we remove the camera and posing from the equation. It is meant to be an inside, candid look at your life or “lifestyle”, going about your day like I am not there. My job would be to capture these intimate moments as they unfold, placing myself into position to not disturb what is happening. In short, I am hired to be the fly on the wall.

Family snuggle on the bed
Mother holding twin newborn babies in chair
Dad kissing newborn daughter

Why Choose A Lifestyle Session?

Most people are drawn to one or the other. In comparison, the studio offers a more traditional session with props and accessories, backdrops, and sometimes creative lighting. One reason to choose Lifestyle over Traditional is because you prefer the look. Firstly, there isn’t any posing. Secondly, there aren’t any props. Lifestyle is a very clean and minimal style of photography. There’s been a growing trend towards lifestyle photography thanks to popular social media accounts depicting it. In Sarah and Frank’s case, it was also more convenient for me to come to them. Naturally, with a renovated home, you will also want to have your efforts showcased and remembered in the photos.

Family posing by the window
Family photo by the window

Photographing everyone together as a family is always the priority. When the excitement wears off, it is time to focus on the babies and siblings. Scarlet happened to love the camera!

newborn twin sisters in their cribs in nursery
swaddled newborn in her crib
twin newborns on bed face feature
laughing toddler on bed with sisters
Older sister with twin sisters on bed
Mom and her children on bed

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