Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

In-Home newborn Photography: Dealing with a loss

daddy's sweater hugging baby boy

In-home newborn photography when there has been a recent loss in the family takes on a different tone. You must remain calm and keep it together even when the temptation is to burst into tears. Never ask a client the reason behind the loss, be respectful. Unless the information is volunteered and discussed in open, do not touch the subject. This is a delicate time and you don’t want to stir emotions that have been put at bay for the moment you are there. I asked my client ahead of time to please prepare any sentimental items she wanted to incorporate into the session.

She handed me his favourite sweater, some of his golf gear, and other personal items like his watch. Each had special meaning and each one needed to be somehow included. I asked the Mom to wear his watch in a few portraits, and she was already wearing his wedding ring on a necklace around her neck. The sweater was posed to make it look like it was giving his son a hug from beyond. I made a point to ensure her wedding and engagement rings were prominent too. These little details are important. Firstly, they convey a message. They say you care, and your client will always appreciate it.

Your mission is to get in and get out as quickly and as respectfully as possible so the family can let their hair down and continue grieving. In-home newborn photography is an intimate endeavour, sometimes more intimate than others.

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