Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

A Bunny Themed Baby Photography Session

bunny themed milestone session

Baby Photography: A Bunny Themed Milestone Session

The bunny-themed baby photography session came about from Mom proclaiming ‘Some-bunny is one today’! when everyone arrived for their photography session. The air was buzzing with anticipation and all smiles were on deck from Baby B. The family chose a bunny theme, which I thought was very cute. I played into the theme by adding one of the studio’s resident bunnies into the mix and paired everything with soft neutral tones.

Baby B happened to be very happy that day, which is not always the case. Sometimes littles have bad days, in which case we do our best and reschedule or re-book if need be. The best time to photograph babies around 1 year is after their morning nap. The goal is to have them be alert and happy. By mid morning they would have had their breakfast (or two), and a glorious nap. Pack a snack/bottle for the car ride, and voila. Happy baby upon arrival.

In this baby photography session, a new concept was tested out. A warm bubble bath was added to the end of the session for the cleanup. It made sense to allow the cake to simply melt off in the mini tub whilst capturing some genuine smiles and splashing. First and foremost, the baby’s health and temperament are assed the day of the session and whether to proceed. Secondly, a normal morning routine helps to make sure the baby naps properly prior to the session. Lastly, age-appropriate activities such as the bath, playing with feet, playing with food are introduced to extract maximum smiles.

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