Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Oakville Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Bump to Baby Photography

pregnancy shoot

Bump to baby photography captured by Gosia Dixon. Sugar Plum Photography specializes in capturing your special moments. From tiny newborn fingers and toes to the beautiful glow of pregnancy, first milestones to family snuggles. We like to grow with our families and you can count on us being there. By us, I mean me. It’s just me :)

Maternity Photography Toronto

It is important for me as a photographer in Toronto to really focus on the client experience. I genuinely enjoy my job and the people I get to meet. I love hearing about your love story. I love hearing your pregnancy story. I walk away from a session genuinely making a connection, I absolutely thrive in finding common ground with everyone. I would say that I am a ‘people’ person, most definitely.

The artistry is what sets these sessions apart from the others. With baby and newborn photography, the infant is the subject and I have no control over what they do. They lead the session, I am just the sculptor and I predict reactions. For the baby, they are either just sleeping or I am doing something to entertain them. They have no clue. When it comes to photographing mom in a bump to baby session, I am preparing her to go to an emotional place both times. I can pose the mom however I like, but if she’s not feeling right about something it will show through in the portraits.

That’s why connecting with people is so important in what I do, it allows you to talk to people in way they understand. If they understand what you need, they will deliver. It’s my job as your photographer to make you as comfortable during the process as possible.

Newborn Photography Toronto

Having that connection from the first session, makes the follow up session with the baby that much more special. The space is familiar and so are the faces. It feels like a best friend has come by to visit and we chat until the session is done.

All the props and accessories are laid out ahead of time and we have a quick chat to confirm session details and participants. After that, we dive right in. Newborns are usually photographed 7-10 days after birth for the best posing results. Every baby is different and I like to honour each baby and their flexibility, sleepiness, and cute characteristics as much as I can. Even though they may be young, their personalities are vivid.

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