Toronto Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography
Toronto Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography

Mommy & Me – A baby Milestone Mini Session

Baby playing with toes

Please meet baby Hadley. She came to the studio with her Mom, Nicole, for a fun & interactive baby milestone session. This is probably my most favourite age for babies! They are squishy, jolly, and love to dish out the smiles and giggles. Their little hands and feet remind me of soft pillows, and the rolls…don’t get me started! The Michelin Man has nothing on babies in this age group. Here I will divulge some of my favourite setups and tips for this age group.

Baby on a blanket

The Flokati: Secret Weapon for Smiles

Usually, babies in the 6-8 month age group don’t move very fast. Their large motor skills are quickly developing, but nothing like the speed you move. This is your greatest asset. Even if they can roll over, you’ll see it coming a mile away. I usually stand over the baby with my feet placed at either side of their hips to make it even harder for them to roll over. The idea here is to have them engaged with you and looking at the camera. So what do you do to entertain a 7-month-old? Play peek-a-boo, make silly faces, fart sounds, and tickles. I experiment to see what the baby responds to best and take it from there.

Baby in a basket

Baby In A Bucket: Buckets of Fun!

I have yet to meet a baby that doesn’t like being placed in a bucket or basket of some kind. They are fascinated by the feeling and the structure around them. Place a nice soft blanket on the inside, or a sheepskin, and watch their face light up when you praise them! Keep a rattle nearby to grab their attention because they will be face-down looking at the basket and things around them. These are very curious babies, their little minds are making connections a million miles a minute. Everything is new, and everything needs to be explored – mostly with the mouth lol. Keeping props clean is super important for this very reason.

Mom and baby face feature
Mom holding up baby
Mom holding baby on chaise

Mommy & Me: Special Time with Baby

There is nothing more special than the bond between a Mom and her Baby. She nurtured this little life inside her for 9 months, was up all hours of the night since the day the baby was born and will remain the primary caregiver for a long time coming. The love for her baby is endless and always shines through in portraits. She will know just the right thing to do to keep her baby happy and smiling.

Baby playing with toes

Baby Milestones: Sitting & Finding Their Feet

At this age, there are a few baby milestone you can bank on. For starters, being able to sit independently without falling over (quickly) and realizing that those little squishy feet are part of their bodies! Also, they taste good. Their flexibility will amaze you in being able to effortlessly place that foot into their mouth without popping out a hip like what would happen to us. Sometimes they are able to crawl, but that’s rare. Either way, a quick chat with Mom will tell you everything you will need to know about what you can expect from your little model that day.

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