Toronto Baby Photography Session with Lily

Toronto Baby Photography | Sugar Plum Photography


Toronto Baby PhotographyToronto Baby PhotographyToronto Baby PhotographyToronto Baby PhotographyToronto Baby PhotographyToronto Baby PhotographyToronto Baby Photography

Toronto Baby Photography | Sugar Plum Photography

As cute as photographing a newborn is, there is something to be said about photographing a baby past the traditional newborn stage (7-10 days). Life happens. Flash back to when I had a newborn, I could barely fit a shower into my day let alone pack up my child and get anywhere on time for anything. And don’t even get me started on the sleep deprivation. What day of the week is it??

Given the above, I get it when I get an inquiry about non-newborn photography. The magical age when new parents surface for air tends to be around one month. Sadly, it’s true – a lot of those curled up poses aren’t possible anymore. The type of sleep when they are a newborn, to that of a one month old is just different. They don’t sleep so deeply that they can be moved and posed without waking. Soft gentle movement is usually ok, so many of the newborn setups can be adapted for a one month old. And hey, who doesn’t want to see their big bright eyes anyways?! That’s a bonus you get in this age group. Smiles, as per the super star Lily above, is just icing on the cake. Lily was a precious baby with a personality that filled the room. She was very awake and happy during the session, dishing out smiles left right and centre. Eventually, it turned into nap time. We adapted the traditional forward facing crate portrait into an aerial portrait of Lily sleeping in the crate. Obviously we had to up the size of the crate, so that she could sleep comfortably. Patience is key, it took us a few attempts to get her into the crate, but it was all worth it in the end because this memory was priceless for the parents.

At the end of the day, that’s all that matters. The parents have these precious memories of their sleepy baby which they didn’t think was possible because she was no longer a newborn. Mission accomplished.